Begin to Price the Rest

Convene a task force to design a fair carbon pricing system that holds polluters accountable, protects low-income residents, and ensures that MA businesses remain competitive.

Electricity generation, addressed in the other two planks of the Climate Legacy platform, amounts to roughly ¼ of Massachusetts’ total greenhouse gas emissions. While important, we also need to decrease emissions in other sectors.

A strong carbon pricing system is the best way to do that. Pricing carbon will create market signals that shift all sectors of the economy. Low-carbon goods and services will be cheaper than high-carbon products, making it possible for MA residents to live sustainably.

Governor Patrick does not have the authority to enact a carbon pricing system alone, but he can lay important groundwork by convening a task-force to design it.

The carbon pricing task force should include business leaders whose input will ensure that MA business remains competitive. The task force also must include community groups that represent low-income residents in order to ensure that the policy is equitable and does not worsen the situation of the most vulnerable in our communities.